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What to do in an emergency

Finding out that someone has just made a suicide attempt or is about to harm themselves is a daunting situation to be in. Below are some guidelines to help support you in an immediate crisis.

  • Don’t leave the person alone, or if they’ve phoned you, stay on the phone and find out exactly where they are and whether anyone else is there
  • Remove any firearms, medications and other poisons, ropes or hoses – if you’re on the phone, encourage them to remove these items from their sight themselves
  • DO NOT attempt to wrestle a weapon away from someone as you may put yourself at risk
  • Make a safety contract with the person that they won’t try to harm themselves for a certain period of time – make sure this plan is achievable and realistic.
  • Encourage and support them to go to a place where they’ll remain safe, such as:
    • the emergency department of the local hospital
    • their local crisis centre or mental health centre
    • home (if they feel safe there and someone can stay with them)
  • If you need immediate advice and support use the phone to call:
    • an ambulance – 000
    • the police (for a welfare check or if the person has a weapon or is in a dangerous situation) – 000
    • Suicide Helpline Victoria – 1300 651 251
    • the local Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team (CATT) -www.health.vic.gov.au/mentalhealth/services/adult/index.htm.
    • their own doctor, counselor or psychologist